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Messier 41 I'm posting this to have somewhere to host it for a project I'm working on.  Well, a project I hope to be working on, since we all know my art skills are sadly lacking.  Here goes.


Wow.  It's been a long, long time since I posted to livejournal.  I'm having some severe excitement issues today.  I got a commissioned piece, and I couldn't believe how incredible it looked.  So, yes, I've been 'squee-ing' all evening.
I mean, how often do you get to see something that came out of your own head look that incredible?
So, my return to livejournal was prompted by my squee.  I wanted to post it somewhere; facebook wouldn't let me.  And I've already shared the crap out of her on dA, so here we are!
Anyway, busy, busy, busy.  So many things have changed since I last posted here.  I lost my aunt to cancer and two weeks later, I lost my only client.  I was blessed to be with her when she passed.  It was traumatic, but I would rather have been there than not.  I'm still sort of recovering...the littlest things sometimes set me off crying.
Also, broke up with my boyfriend (on the day I found out my aunt had died).
But I think I'm still incredibly blessed.  It's not as though the world has ended, and I still have a job (with a new long-term client, I'm happy to report.).  I work for a sensational company that shares my values.  I have a wonderful family, and I'm going to spend Easter with my brother; we're going to see Olympus Has Fallen as our April movie, though technically that's not April.

Today's Theme: "Then" by Brad Paisley
Because it's about my mom and dad.  Ask my mom, she'll tell you!


Ugh.  Ever since I've been keeping my journal on dA, I've been neglecting my journal here.  But I just found out that I can "share" entries from there.  I think I'll do that from now on, just to keep anyone who's interested "in the loop."  So to speak.  

So check me out.
I could use more pageviews.

The Truth

I spent the morning at my parents' house, chilling with my dad.  When they wet to Costco, I went home to do some cleaning and take a nap.  Nap was good.  And I'm glad I did the cleaning.  Every little bit helps.  I'm using the hula-hoop approach to life; it works in most situations: cleaning, weight loss, studying.  You take a hula-hoop and set it over a section of whatever it is you're doing; then you do/clean/examine everything inside the hula hoop.  Take a break.  Then you move the hula-hoop.  See?  That way, everything gets done, but you don't get overwhelmed by the magnitude of everything that needs to get done.
I'm taking a break from men, from looking for a boyfriend, from wanting a boyfriend, and from even praying for the "Prince Charming" everyone says I deserve.  I need to focus on improving me instead of on the opposite sex.  I need to meet with God.
So, goodnight.


It was tragedy!

Tragedy is...
...finding out that Warner Brothers has decided not to make the ElfQuest movie.
I literally cried when I found out.  In the middle of the Barnes & Noble after-church crowd.  I was both sad and angry.  Ever since I started reading EQ, I've wanted it to be a movie.  Hell, people have been wanting to see it on the big screen since Elfmom started sharing her world with us!  And to be told by WB that they don't want to COMPETE with THE HOBBIT!?!?
Hello, why the hell not?  The Hobbit is being made by New Line.  If I was WB, I'd definitely want to kick their ass!
Okay, I'm calmed down now.  It helped, I think, that I had such a wonderful morning.  I got to sleep in, I went to church, I went for a walk in Rotary Park, in Port, like I used to do a couple years ago, before Keith messed with my head.  (I don't blame him, there was head messing all around)  And you know what?  It felt good.  Better than good, actually.  It was freezing (literally), but it was the most wonderful thing I could have done.  I plan to do it every week, now that I officially have Sundays free.  One day off a week, but I can make more of it than I did before.
Starting with church.  Maybe I'll find a small group study that meets on Sunday afternoons.  Or Tuesday afternoons.
I'm happy.  In the last week, I've become happier than I have been in a long, long time.  I'm still single- don't mistake the cause of my happiness- but I feel so much lighter and fuller since I started going back to church.  It's a blessing.
But now, I have a paper to write on the governance processes in long-term health care.  So wish me luck!

The Truth

I finally changed my auto insurance.  I've been waffling on it for a while now, and I finally did.  I'm not really saving very much, at least not yet (since I still have one speeding ticket on my record), but I'm glad I did.  And it wasn't just because the agent who called me was really, really nice.  But I've made the switch to State Farm.  
Good grief, I sound like the commercial!
So, I'm exhausted.  I did another overnight shift (I thought I was done with those for a while), and I slept HORRIBLY!  The couch was narrow and hard, and if it weren't for the fact that the guest room bed tried to swallow me, I wouldn't have tried to sleep on it.  However, I did try, and only partially succeeded, so now I've got a headache, a sore neck, a backache, and I keep yawning every five minutes.  The client was appreciative, though, which is really what I do this job for.
I got a new email address for all of my writing.  I think I'm going to keep it bare for now.  My stories have become vital to me.  I love that.  I'm going to try to write some more.  I want to finish the first draft of Gardener in time to redeem my prize for winning NaNo last year.
Anyway...gotta go for now.  I have schoolwork and job work to complete.


Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?

My throat hurts.
What are you thinking about right now?

Forever and a day

It's been a while since I had the time to really write anything.  I was hoping to do some writing last night, but discovered that my client's outlets were only two-prong outlets (old house), so that was a bust.  Instead, I just read a new book on my kindle until my eyes wouldn't stay open.I'm looking forward to this weekend.  I can sleep in on Saturday, and I'll be going to church for the first time in almost a year on Sunday.  And I'm planning on giving my apartment a good cleaning.  
Or, rather, starting to.  One day will NOT be enough to even make much of a dent in the mess currently sharing my residence.  I just hope that I'll be able to have several consecutive weekends off to finish cleaning.  Elsewise, all my good intentions are going to be paving a certain road...
All right, folks, time to pack it in.  Gotta work tonight.
What are you thinking about right now?


And the winner is...

ha!  Success!
I was so far behind for so long...and then last night, I got a last minute inspiration (and some fun smelly markers at Target) and I suddenly had that last 8000 words I needed (13 pages and ~9500 more words!) to push me over that finish line.  Of course, the chapter I wrote is about four weeks and at least three chapters into the future following the end of chapter four, which is where I left off...
But I FINISHED!  OMG, I did it!  Now I'm texting everybody to spread my joy.  And planning the completion of the novel (another 50,000 words should do it, I think), as well as the two sequels.  I believe I mentioned the requisite triumvirate several times in chapter four...definitely in last night's chapter N.
However, I got approximately (but no more than) ninety minutes of sleep last night, and I have homework to finish, so I'm going to bed.  Actually, I'm going to finish my research, and then I'm going to bed. 


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